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A Few Short Notes or So – Including Juice Recipes and a Pastured Meat Source

Tired of winter.  ‘Nuff said. Rating:  0 out of 5 ### There’s this great series of article/diner blogs regarding photographing food in the New York Times. The most current is Food Photography:  Shooting Smoke, Steam and Flames.   Scroll to … Continue reading

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I don’t know why, but I love this stuff from Ocean Greens. 5 different seaweeds, dried. Add warm water.  Wait 10 minutes, drain.  The below is the package they come in.  No, nothing on the packaging says WHICH sea-vegetables are … Continue reading

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Memories of Coastal Foraging

There was a period while growing up in the seventies where we spent a good portion of the summer in Maine.  Dad had retired from his day job, and had gone into partnership with a fellow from Philadelphia, and the … Continue reading

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The Chicken or the Egg?

Simply had to take this egg’s photo.  It was a green-shelled egg from the farm down in Virginia, and just LOOK at the richness of that yolk!  You can tell it’s mother spent as much time as possible in the … Continue reading

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Juicing Test, First Attempt. And, Second.

Smoothies can be pretty good, but they are usually laden down with sugar and sometimes with cream.  I just wanted to go right out raw, and I don’t mean (at least this time) sashimi. Or cheviche. Here we go, first … Continue reading

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Maine Shrimp

Alaskan Pink Shrimp.  Northern Shrimp.  Amaebi (sweet shrimp).  Pandalus borealis.  Maine Shrimp.  Yep, they’re all the same thing, cold water shrimp that are sustainably fished (at least in the Northeast, need to research this elsewhere) during the coldest times of … Continue reading

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Skirt Steak

0.5 pound skirt steak (pasture finished) 2-3 ounces fresh broccolini 2-3 ounces shitake mushrooms, de-stemmed Marinate for steak: apple cider vinegar ponzu sauce 2 garlic cloves, chopped. Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute Ground pepper A dab of hot sauce, to … Continue reading

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Goats and Reds

Just a brief.  Thick Angora goat ribs (Nancy’s farm in VA – Tralfamadore Farm), nestled in a marinate of gluten-free teryaki, vinegar and a few Indian spices, along with the very last farmer’s market tomato of 2010.  Ready to place … Continue reading

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2010 in Review

As seen from the eyes of a foodie. Last winter I really wanted to get dirty in the veggie garden, but since the ground was frozen, I limited myself to … sprouts!!!  Broccoli sprouts, mung bean sprouts, daikon sprouts, the … Continue reading

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The Soup’s the Thing

Two vegetarian soups from that recipe swap thing I do on Recipezaar/ I do love a good soup, and although I’m avoiding cream-based soups at the moment (weight control and health), the one depicted above doesn’t contain much. First up, … Continue reading

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