Cilantro and Strawberries

Leaving the house for work earlier this week, as I passed by the the elevated rock garden, I happened to catch a whiff of cilantro.  Immediately I pulled my lunch out of the case, snipped off a few bits of cilantro by fingernail, and plopped them unceremoniously atop my salad of the last of the baby bok choy, farmer’s market-procured lettuce and snap peas, and Costco-foraged wild smoked salmon and tzatziki dressing.   It was Yum.

I notice my two cilantro plants need a little trimming so they don’t think about going to seed.

I also noticed one of my strawberries was ripe!  My first ripe strawberry ever!  But it was low to the ground and I didn’t want to go back inside and wash it so I figured I’d pluck it once I got home later on in the day.

Cilantro, strawberry, tarragon, basil

Unfortunately, some no-doubt adorable beast without a concern in its little head ate it.   I hope it choked.

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